New Mexico Hobie Fleet 48 would like to thank Annapolis Performance Sailing for their generous Memorial Day regatta sponsorship gift

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Pay for Regatta and Membership Fee
Skipper Shirt Size
Crew Shirt Size
Regatta Registration Fee $50.00

Extra Meal Tickets
Extra Meal Tickets $5.00 each

Membership Fee $30.00

Quick payment for 2018 Fleet membership $30 only.


highlight of 2013:

2013 Cinco De Mayo Hobie Hull Flying:

We are a Hobie catamaran sailing organization in New Mexico whose members simply enjoy sailing. Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, our New Mexico Hobie fleet is growing and we are always looking for friendly folks to join in the fun. We can teach you how to sail and where to get a boat. We encourage you to join us at the lake.

Interested in sailing in New Mexico, camping and having fun?

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